What happens to your tyres at the end of their life?

It’s not something everybody thinks of. Environmental laws dictate how you can dispose of other consumables, like oil, but tyres are just as hazardous. Currently, they get stockpiled, dumped and buried. Complete Tyre Solutions is thinking ahead for you, partnering with us, is also partnering with our sister company CTS Tyre Recycling. We are the only commercial tyre provider that can provide a Full Circle Economy with your tyres. We supply, service and repair, maintain, and then recycle at the end of life.

CTS Tyre Recycling utilises the latest technology in Recycling from Eldan and Salvadori. We can process all tyres from your road fleet, to the massive mining truck tyres, an Australian first for machine processing.

One of the products from recycled tyres is Rubber Crumb, which can be used as a quality resource in Australian Roads and other infrastructure, saving valuable resources for generations to come. 

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A Circular Economy