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When is it time to replace solid tyres?

Forklift tyres can often fly under the radar in terms of maintenance, even though, like all tyres, solid forklift tyres do have a limited lifespan. To ensure your forklift is in top condition, here are a few signs that it might be time to call Complete Tyre Solutions on 1300 509 575 for a tyre change.


  • Tread Status: If you notice the tread depth dipping below 3mm, that’s your cue to get new tyres fitted.
  • Signs of Wear and Tear: Make it a habit to regularly check your forklift tyres for any visible cracks, cuts, missing chunks, or overall condition.
  • Shelf Life: An often-overlooked factor is the age of the tyres. It’s generally advisable to swap them out after five years, as older tyres can lose traction and become more prone to failure.

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Types of Forklift Tyres

Solid Tyres:
When it comes to indoor settings like warehouses, distribution centres, or manufacturing facilities with flat, smooth surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, solid tyres are the go-to option. Crafted from solid rubber, these tyres do require specialist press-fitting. However, they offer remarkable stability and are especially well-suited for low-clearance environments.

Pneumatic Tyres:
In contrast, pneumatic forklift tyres are a robust version of typical automotive tyres and offer versatility for both indoor and outdoor applications. These tyres excel on rough or uneven surfaces, providing enhanced traction and superior shock absorption. Consequently, they’re ideal for rugged environments like construction sites or mixed indoor/outdoor work areas.

Non-Marking Tyres:
Lastly, if maintaining a clean floor is a top priority, such as in food processing units, pharmaceutical warehouses, or other hygiene-sensitive areas, non-marking tyres are a must-have. Typically made from either solid rubber or polyurethane, these tyres are engineered to leave no black marks on the floor, making them indispensable for specific applications.

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