It’s the value proposition.

We value our business relationships and we understand that relationship is a
two-way street. With a proactive, data-driven approach we can help our business partners increase efficiency and productivity, and most importantly to them, minimise their downtime and maximise their profits.
Our intelligent data systems allow us to measure and manage your tyre and rim maintenance, allowing you to unlock more value from business-critical assets.
When our clients experience tyre or rim problems our skilled technicians and
fully-equipped service vehicles are available on-call to attend the breakdown
and to repair or replace to keep the asset moving.
A single phone call connects to the nearest CTS office to dispatch a service vehicle from our strategically located branches.

Customer-first approach

24/7 Breakdown Service

B2B Specialists

Connect with a single phone call

Local Service with branches across WA and in Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin

Intelligent Data Systems to measure cost and efficiency

Industry Service

Although Complete Tyre Solutions is an industry leader within the
heavy vehicle sector, we are not limited to our specialist services.
Our team is trained to fit, replace or repair tyres and rims on any
vehicle and our fleet of service vehicles are fully equipped to ensure
we always have the tools on hand to get the job done.
Our availability to manage vehicles from on-road to remote sites,
construction and earthmoving, makes CTS the obvious choice
for any B2B organisation, giving you a single point of contact for
everything from routine changes to our 24/7 breakdown service.

Thinking Ahead

With a clear understanding of sustainable practices, CTS is
mission-focused on recycling across the industry sectors in which
it operates to repurpose the vast amounts of waste that would
otherwise go to landfill.
CTS Tyre Recycling offers a brighter, more sustainable future
through proven and reliable collection, shredding and recycling
of all tyre sizes, from mining haul trucks to light truck and
passenger vehicles.
This clear picture that sustainability brings to the table has paved
the way for Western Australia’s largest tyre recycling plant, designed
specifically for use within our industry.

Complete Tyre Solutions are the B2B Specialists.

Tailored solutions to suit individual businesses. Call us today and see why so many companies choose Complete Tyre Solutions as their preferred tyre service provider.